Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Get #Featured in My January #Giveaway #Authors #Publishers

Who doesn't enjoy a giveaway? And why not start the new year off with a few?

I would love to do a couple giveaway "packages" for 2016 each month. As authors and publishers, I'm inviting you to send items you would be willing to donate. These can be virtual items (ebooks, gift certificates, memberships, etc) or physical items (swag, printed books, etc).

For physical items, I'm always willing to be shipped several and divide them up between different prize packages. However, with all physical items, you do have the option of being provided mailing details and then shipping yourself :)

Want to join in? Let me know what you'd like to include (as well as if you'd like to be involved in future months) and let me know several social links you'd like included on rafflecopter giveaways.

Email to: Subject of: January Giveaway


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