Thursday, January 21, 2016

#Book #Job Openings #Editor #Proofreader #Graphic #Covers

PSA: Ok editors, cover artists, teaser creators, proofreaders, promo people, formatters....
If you'd like details on working with a new publishing company please let me know and I'll forward their details. I'm not certain which positions have been filled, but they seem to have the right idea for a long future.
Obviously, as a new company, they won't be able to shell out $400 a book per editor (they have a 3 round editing plan as well as a 2 plan proofreading plan)...but plan on doing wage increases as they grow for those that are dedicated to quality books like they are.
 Also looking for book bloggers and reviewers that would be interested in hosting future releases.
Please email me for details on how to contact them (they are NOT ready to launch, so they don't want to be everywhere yet - they want to focus on getting started) -


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